Connection dependency

Internet used to be a "nice to have" now it’s basically a utility.

Losing service on your cell phone and taking a vacation in a place without access to the internet seems like a safe haven to those who suffer from digital overload.

Intentionally going somewhere or unintentionally ending up somewhere without access to the internet will ignite panic instead of blissfulness because of the dependency that’s developed upon it.

Having access to the internet, is for many, their source of food, entertainment, and method of navigation. Few people carry a map in their car. Few people are comfortable asking locals for directions. Few people will eat at a restaurant without reading at least 25 positive reviews to confirm their choice.

We’ve forgotten how to live without these conveniences at the cost of our ability to disconnect.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” — Albert Einstein

Action: Go offline

Camping brings you back to basics. A flame keeps you warm. Your protection from the elements is provided by the cloth of a tent and a sleeping bag. And entertainment is provided by nature, conversations with people, and/or reading from a physical book when there’s still light left in the day and independent from a dying battery with no way of recharging it.

When you go camping for the first time, you’ll pack all the essentials. But after having gone camping for the first time, you’ll identify all those little things that would have been really nice to have. Like that weird fishing hat that looks silly but would have kept you from getting sun sick.

How do you go offline? It’s simple but not easy. Either go somewhere without service or remove the service. Be warned, doing so will likely make you realize how dependent and addicted you are on the connection to the digital world.

Approach going offline like camping. Bring what’s essential and keep it basic. Let the experience itself tell you what you should bring with you next time.

Much like the country dirt road, once worn by travelers, it’s still there just less used, less crowded, less noisy, and restful if you can learn to live independent of an internet connection.

Until next time

Josh Duffney

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